Our story

First Baptist Church of Van Buren was born in October of 1885 when 26 charter members gathered to organize and form a New Testament church. Over the years, the church has grown numerically, financially, in its physical plant, and most importantly in its outreach for the Kingdom of God.

The story of First Baptist Van Buren began even before the church was organized. The town of Van Buren got its start in 1831 as a fuel depot along the Arkansas River. Local lumber would fuel the engines of commerce and transportation. Soon, the area developed the function of a depot with warehouses to facilitate the storage and transportation of goods up and down the river. After the Civil War, the railroad came to town, further expanding Van Buren’s connection with the transportation industry. With the arrival of the Interstate system, the River Valley and Van Buren continued to have a significant part of our identity wrapped up in the transportation industry. The face of our region is shaped by the transportation of goods all across the nation.

At First Baptist Church, we recognize that God has placed us in the crossroads of such a strategic region for the purpose of transporting the Gospel to our region and the entire world. We hope that you will join us as we try to carry out our mission of winning people to a life-changing, growing relationship with Jesus.